Highly Driven Assessment 2.0


Please take a moment and work through the following questions. Pause and consider each question before answering. Choose the answer that best fits with your instinctual response.

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1.I prefer routine and predictability in my career. *
2.I am often willing to risk stability for opportunity. *
3.I find it easy and natural to keep my thoughts on one thing at a time. *
4.I enjoy experiences that creates a physical thrill, like skiing, surfing or rock climbing *
5.I sometimes make impulsive decisions that throw my life out of balance *
6.I can organize things in my mind easily without writing them down *
7.When listening to someone my mind naturally finds connections to unrelated topics *
8.My eyes are naturally drawn to the greatest action in a room, which may be distracting at times *
9.I am easily bored or quickly move on to something new *
10.Whenever I complete something, I find myself thinking how I could’ve done it better *
11.I seem to naturally find connections and associations between totally unrelated topics *
12.I believe I have greater visual perceptive skills than most people *
13.I often take on more commitments than I can meet *
14.I sometimes take action without fully considering all the consequences *
15.I am rarely satisfied with my performance or results I produce *